Re-visioning Climate Change – April 1, 2011

Previously called Global Warming, our modern climate crisis is currently called Climate Change.  This change in nomenclature is primarily due to the realization that the side effects of modern society cause more than a unidirectional global warming.  Some parts of the planet are experiencing cooling, some experiencing warming, and some experiencing more wildly fluctuating temperatures and other weather conditions.

I am proposing a re-visioning of the problem including a new, more comprehensive, and accurate nomenclature.  Instead of declaring that we are experiencing increased Climate Change, I believe that it is more accurately termed an exponential reduction in Climate Stagnation.

For centuries our planet has been mired in this Climate Stagnation with precious little fluctuation.  Human society has become lazy and complacent wallowing in this epoch of diminished climatic evolution.  An unreasonable, conservative expectation of future replication of past climatic stasis has developed based solely on empirical observation.

As a side effect of modern civilization, this Climate Stagnation is being reduced to some extent.  This has resulted in liberal, out-of-the-box thinking that, indeed, the future may actually be different from the past (at least climatically).  Although, to date, these radical thoughts are confined to a fringe group of creative thinkers, these trend-setters will certainly spread their visionary ideas to society as a whole.  This new, less conservative, more forward-thinking and creative mindset will lead us to a new era of innovation and shake us out of our climatic complacency.

A reduction in Climate Stagnation will lead to a more mobile, quick-witted society more open to change and more industrious in character.  When a society’s environment becomes stagnant, so does its population, and any reduction in Climate Stagnation will increase the rate of societal evolution.

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